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About us

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Who we are and why this site

Hi I’m Caroline and along with my husband Simon, welcome you to our site. We’re a normal, second time around, married couple and it was while planning our own wedding that the idea for this site came to me. Basically we’ve both had the full white wedding before and with grown up families to consider we decided this time around we wanted to have some fun. We also both love colour so opted to include anything but white items in our plans.

However it was whilst trawling websites around the world to locate the items for our wedding that I thought there must be an easier way to do this! So this site aims to bring some of the best/quirkiest items out there together in one place. We’ve even used some poetic licence to add our own sparkle to a few of the items. We accept that marriage is a serious subject but there’s no reason why you can’t have fun and stamp your own individualism on the day too!

This site hopes to cater for those of you who want something a bit different; whether that be Goth/Steampunk, LGBT+, Gamers, Sci-fi / Superhero fans or like us second/third timers. We’re a new business so can’t stock everything but we’ll try to locate items for you if you don’t see what you want; just ask. Also please don't treat the categories as set in stone as they are just suggestions, if you're a Gamer but like something in the Goth category, go for it!

Our name

Before the more observant of you point out, yes we do stock some ‘white’ items despite what our name says! Our name also doesn’t have any hidden meanings; it’s simply to indicate that if you’re looking to hold a full white ‘fluffy’ wedding then this site probably isn’t the one for you, although we are more than happy to sell to you if you find something you like.


To the best of our knowledge, all items for sale are licensed and copyrighted by the individual licenses and copyright owners for each specific subject or category. Items that we offer for sale showing official patches, badges or stickers etc are suggested use only and are in no way intended to indicate a licensed product.

Images & Photographs

We've made every effort to use photography that is in the public domain and give credits where they are required and in the proper format. If this is not the case and we have mis-represented your image then please contact us and we will rectify the situation immediately.

Finally enjoy the site and we wish you many congratulations for your upcoming marriage and hope we can help make your day really special.

  Caroline & Simon

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